The Council of Tysandri-Kyr

And Then the Rain Came

An expansive feast was laid out the first night back. The numbers had swelled and seating in the mess hall was at a premium. No one complained. Everyone was thankful for the bounty that they were given. The meal, however, was interrupted when members of the night watch returned early with news. They had just captured five drow in the forest.

The fearless four thought they had put the drow incursions behind them. However, this was not the case. A sullen Aquilo accompanied by Athlena and Rorick went to assess the situation. When they arrived at the edge of the wood they were presented with 5 figures, their hands bound behind them and burlap sacks covering their heads.

Attempts to question the captives elicited no response. The leader received a boot to the ribs for his insolence. The captives were stood up and the leader’s sack was removed. Much to the surprise of Athlena and Aquilo, the leader of the drow incursion was Zedar.

Following some long, private discussions it was determined that Zedar, his sister Dorina and their three nieces Velasta, Velana and Velona had been exiled for helping the fearless four defeat the Spider Queen. With nowhere else to go they sought out their comrades in arms, in the hope that they would be welcomed.

After many hours of deliberation and soul searching it was decided that they would be allowed to stay. However, it was not to be hidden from the people. And so that evening at the start of the Homecoming celebration, Athlena introduced the newest citizens of Tysandri-Kyr to the people. With a little help from Stephen Amber the Learned, the crowd was very accepting of the new arrivals.

The celebration continued on into the wee hours, no one wanting to go to sleep for fear of missing out on something extraordinary!


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