The Council of Tysandri-Kyr

Homecoming Celebration

The fearless four returned home from the long journey to the city of the Spider Queen. A journey that nearly saw the end of Aquilo and Athlena. If not for the selfless actions of Zedar the outcome of their battle against the Queen would have been significantly different.

Upon returning home the fearless four are amazed to find that significant progress has been made on their castle during their absence. Under the command of Thrar Ddukr the 4 buttress towers have been constructed to a height near the central wizards tower and with the help of a contingent of dwarven miners the construction of the heretofore unplanned dungeon has begun.

Further good news comes in the form of a massive immigration into their land. An additional 250 souls from various lands have caused the population of Tysandri-Kyr to swell to nearly double the size.

Into each one’s life, however, some rain must fall.


CursedIncubus CursedIncubus

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