Athlena Secura

Paladin of the Greek Goddess Athena


Athlena was brought to the temple of Athena as an orphan. Her mother and father were killed in an attack on their village. The soldiers knew that the village worshiped Athena and thought it best to bring her here. Athlena was given her name by a priestess of the temple and the last name is hers. The temple was her home. As she grew older she studied hard, worked hard in the gardens and at cleaning but longed to serve Athena more. It was then she was allowed to assist the knights in training. The paladins of Athena were made of both men and women. Athena being the goddess of war and wisdom was not prejudiced by gender. She welcomed both and those who showed promise and lived according to her standards were shown her favor.

Athlena continued to grow in her beliefs of her goddess. Her patience and learning grew each day, as did her strength and abilities to fight. When she left the temple it was to spread the word of her goddess and assist those who were being oppressed.

As time moved on Athlena met Aquilo and Solonar, two unlikely comrades to journey forth and adventure together. She soon found out that these two were not simple humans such as she. The first time she saw Aquilo in his true form she thought perhaps Athena had sent an Angel to guide her, with his wings and skin of golden glow, but she soon learned he was an astral diva from the ethereal plane. She truly believes that a being of this nature is closer to the gods themselves.

Solonar is another story, he posesses the ability to commune with felines. Large, small, wild or domesticated he can command them as if they were his soldiers. It is truly amazing how he can alter moods of those around him. Changing sadness and sorrow to joy and happiness in a matter of minutes. Truly an amazing man.

Through their journeys they met upon a most peculiar wizard, who seemed lost at times and no grounding in religion whatsoever. Truly his soul must be lost to wander in darkness as such. I have tried to explain but he wants nothing of this “nonsense” as religion isn’t for him. He soon proved his worth as our paths led us to Ravenloft, a most evil realm full of deceit and sadness.

We must not forget Master Steven Amber, a most high wizard and wise man. He is like a father to them. Guiding them and assisting when needed. He is a most stubborn man but does have shining qualities even if he doesn’t believe in her religion. A shame that a soul such as that be so lost.

Today, we have journeyed home from a most evil bout with the Spider Queen. Prayers and thanks have been sent to Athena for our safe return. We have a visitor with us the crowned Prince of Perrinland, Rainier. During our battles I saw a change in the man. He was so arrogant and full of himself that it sickened me, but after the evil we fought side by side and defeated the beings who were attacking our lands, he changed. The change was quite welcomed, he is actually tolerable now, no..more accepted…that’s not right either…actually pleasant to be around even if he follows a strange religion. I do say that he tends to pay me much attention but I have no idea why. He is a crowned prince and has his pick of maidens in line who want to be his wife. My idea of being a wife is not to sit and sew all day…I will have none of that. I am a righteous warrior for Athena and I will defend her beliefs and strive to overcome evil as long as I can….

Athlena Secura

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